December 1, 2013

I made it on the team, Wooohooo! For all the philosophers, thinkers, hippies, and fans of Alan Watts ( for those of you who haven’t been titillated by his orations), there is nothing more rewarding then putting effort into something and then seeing the result of that effort realized. Well… except for maybe the experiences experienced whilst putting in said effort. Because perhaps the most rewarding thing in life is actually having the ability to consciously experience. Perhaps I got off topic? Ok lets just say that it felt good.

But I was on the D-Team, and had new challenges to overcome. Ski racing is EXPENSIVE, and there are a lot of really good skiers out there who are all getting better… Always! Do you know how frustrating and amazing that is? Not only do you have to get faster and better, you have to do it faster then everyone else. Good thing I’m competitive. Anyway it was a new world. I began to get my first international race experiences. In Europe skiing is apart of the culture. Much in the same way that fast food and football are in America (sry baseball, your just too boring).

Whether it’s ski racing, ski jumping, or Nordica racing. During the winter it’s happening everywhere. And people are either avidly competing, or they are avidly fans of these sports. Lets just say that learning to compete in Europe was like learning to ski for the first time. But the great part about thinking everybody who you’re racing against is better then you is that you don’t have to expect anything and can just try to ski your best no matter what.

That small realization should be obvious. Try your hardest. Right? I had always tried my hardest. In the gym, washing windows, in school (no promises), and in competition. But I found out after getting frustrated from being absolutely destroyed by the European Competition, that I had to try my hardest at every moment and every turn, fight to make the next turn the best turn I have ever made. Then no matter how it turned out. to make the next turn the next best turn I had ever made.

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